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Why Avon isn't your typical MLM...Why you don't want to miss out on this!

Let's face it. There are so many different MLM company's out there. Some are better than others thats for sure. Before I started selling Avon 6 years ago I had never been successful in a MLM side hustle. I had experience with one other company and it cost me more than I every made. Sound familiar? Most people say that all MLM's are after your money using terms like pyramid scheme. Ugh.. I'm here to tell you that my experience with Avon has been so different. Here's how!

First, I joined Avon because I wanted to. I had a goal, a game plan. There was no one convening me that it's the best company ever or how I had to hurry a join because a good offer was running out. I did my own research. At that time Avon was coming up on there 130 year anniversary! 130 years!!! What! This company knows what they are doing. I didn't want to join a company that is trendy like body wraps, sticker nails or jewelry.

Second, I wanted to join a business that had an array of products and the opportunity to have customers return when they needed more products. (Like Skincare and Makeup) I also wanted my business to have different price points so everyone has the opportunity to shop with me.

Third, Every mentor I have ever worked with has cared about my goals and how I want to achieve them. No high pressure sales pitch for them to meet a certain goal. My coaches have always demonstrated how I can support my own team. If you care about the people and what their goals are everything will fall into place.

Finally, this company and my team has provided me with a huge since of belonging and success. This year is the first year that we were not able to attend our convention in person. It sure feels like we are missing a family reunion.

If you would like to know how I was success my first year and you could be too Click Here!

If this seems like a good fit for you and you want to chat. Let me know!

Thinking about joining Avon? Having the right support makes all the difference! Click here to enroll for $0!

Misty Walden

-Mommin' & Bloggin'

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