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Wait....What is a campaign and how do they work?

Campaign? Book? Brochure? What does this all mean? I'm here to help!

Alright! You are signed up to sell! Where to begin... let's start at the beginning. There are 26 books in a year with Avon. Each book lasts 13 days. This my friend is called a campaign. Campaign's start on Wednesdays a go 13 days to Tuesday. Wanna know a secret? Your website switches to thee new campaign on the Tuesday before the new campaign starts! Thats right!! So, for all your crazy obsessed customers they can start shopping online 1 day before everyone else!

Book and Brochure? Same thing! You can collect orders from customers throughout the campaign and submit them all together so there is only 1 shipping charge. (That's key so your not paying separate shipping) Alternatively, customers can shop online which is usually better for you and the customer. You get paid and they get their product right to their door.

Sounds awesome right? Want to know more about online sales? You will have to keep following the blog.

Sometimes I'm sure you feel like this dog. I know I do. Am I doing the right thing? Hey i'm over here? Am I doing good? LOL Stick with it get to know the terms and you will be just fine! Hope this all helps!

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