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Mom working from her phone and making it big!

Do you want to make more money? Do you shy away from MLM? Do you use your phone? You're bad at selling? Great! I want to share with you what my game changer was to blow all of these assumptions out the window.

I was all of these. I needed more money, I tried MLM before and it didn't work, I must be bad a selling because of that. Not True! You just didn't find the right business, mentor or maybe even the passion wasn't there and you were trying all the wrong things and getting burnt out.

What I love so much about my business is that I can work my business completely from my phone. (No, I'm not talking about cold calling, Who does that!) Avon has an App that I can order from, send people to my FREE website to shop, post pre-made images of products with sales tips, I can set up fundraisers and a database that keeps my customers info so I can help them shop, send them promos and followup. Also, from this App I can work on my business dashboard that helps me celebrate and coach team members. If this is something you would be interested in you can sign up here for $0 or contact me with more questions.

Let's get back to talking about being a busy mom. Let's be honest between gymnastics for my daughter, football for my son and all my other mom duties; I have very little time to have party's or go to someones house to talk about what products are right for them. What I do have time for is Happy hour's with the girls, even if is virtual, I kinda like it better because I don't have to get ready. We talk makeup, skincare and all other things. All other times I'm talking with a customer or team member usually through text while cooking dinner, running errands or getting caught up on my shows. LOL The beauty is it is on my time! No one telling me how, when or where. Currently, I am writing this while my husband is driving as we take a little day trip out of town. We can do this anywhere ladies!

If you have ever thought about making a business a brand having the right support makes all the difference! Click here to enroll for $0!

Misty Walden

Mommin' & Bloggin'

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