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I've sold over $20,000 last year. Here's how...

I posted in an earlier post about how I sold $10,000 my first year in business. Here is how I took my business to the next level.

Over the years my business has grown significantly! When my customer base got to big to handle I started using a texting services as well as a campaign book mailer to get my brochures out to people. If you are interested in receiving a digital copy of the book click here.

I continued to use my Facebook Business Page and added an Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and a Blog. Linking these all together gives you maximum potential to reach new people. I also continued to participate in the local farmers market. Remember consistency and follow up is key!

Another contributing factor for me was earning trips! Love, Love, Love a FREE vacation! I had earned every trip possible since I have started! I always have a call with a mentor when a trip is announced and we write up a game plan of what needs to be done each campaign to earn the trip. In turn, my business grows and I go on vacation! Win! Win! If you are conpedtitve or love a FREE vacation! This is could be your focus and your business would grow naturally.

Thinking about joining Avon? Having the right support makes all the difference! Click here to enroll for $0!


Vacations I have earned with Avon:

Atlantis Bahamas




"Coming Soon" Dominican Republic


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