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How To Start A Business When You Have A Full Time Job

So you want to start a home base business but you don't know where to start. It's confusing and you are unsure if this will work. There are so many things to figure out when you first join. You are worried about how you are going to fit this in with your full time job.

Since you do not understand every little nook and corner of your business in detail, you can start to think that you are not good enough or maybe sales isn't for you. You give up before you even start!

Guess what? You can start your own venture with all of these challenges. You can start your own venture even with a full time job.

In the first step, you will learn how to understand your business better by doing resource and talking to other entrepreneurs in the business.

Most successful entrepreneurs did not wake up one more and resign from their jobs. No entrepreneur knew everything about their business when they first started off. If you have determination to succeed and purse your dream for many years, learning how to start a business is not as difficult as you think it is. Effort is the only key ingredient you need. With effort over time, learning the business happens as a natural cycle.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs give up before starting due to 2 questions that bother them.

Question 1. Where Do I Start?

Are you confused on where to start? You know you need to make money. But how? Don't worry! Most people are confused on where to begin. Everyone's journey is different. Start by joining a business with a successful mentor that can help get you off and running. If you would like to be connected with a mentor Click Here.

Once connected log onto to register your account and set up your FREE website. The no cost website this available for your customers to shop. Best part is Avon ships the product and your commission is deposited into your account. Ask your mentor about setting up direct deposit.

Watch short training videos to help gain knowledge of products and the business. You can take these at your own pace so it fits right in withy our full time job! Grab a glass of wine after the kids are in bed and immerse yourself in learning.

Question 2. How Do I Make Money?

First you need goals. Goals that encourage you to promote your business in a fun way and be exciting getting there. This is not a chore, its your passion! Some people don't work well with the pressure of goals and thats okay. Focus on something else in the business that brings you joy and still encourages you. Share the business everywhere, text friends and family, share on social and talk to people you meet about how you started your own business and how excited you are.

Currently Avon has bundles available for purchase for $50 with a value of $135. These are available for a limited time.These are celebrating Avon's 135 year anniversary. When they expire there are other bundles you can promote. Ask your mentor above for the most current products. You can launch these products on social media to welcome customers to your store by offering specials.

In the end, While working full time you can run your Avon business completely online, in person or both! It's what works best for you! After all this is your business!

**Current offer for your new business!

If you are looking to shop your favorite Avon products or fall in love with a new Skincare line Shop Here!

xoxo Misty Walden

Bronze Leader

Honor Society

Avon Independent Sales Rep

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