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How to care for yourself in 2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

If 2020 has brought knowledge to anything it would be awareness to how we care for ourselves day in and day out or lack there of, right? In 2020 I personally learned how to enjoy every moment. (even the rough ones) I continuously thought, What am I suppose to be learning through this?

I learned as a mother I need to care for myself before others, if not I will be drained. We have all heard the saying on airplanes "put your oxygen mask on first" this is so true in life. I have learned to care for myself as a mother by:

Caring for yourself 2021

* Taking time for ourselves. This may be 5 minutes locked in your bathroom away from kids eating a candy bar. (Okay maybe I've been there)

*Exercising- this one is huge! I never want to do it before I start but when Im done I feel amazing and I'm so motivated afterwards. Even if you have 10-20 minutes. DO IT!

* Self Beauty Care: Face mask, pedicure, Serums and a bath! All my favorite, don't forget to light the candles by the bath and shut off the lights.

* Drinking Tea- As crazy as this is it always seems to calm and slow me down. I makes me take time for myself.

* Create a dream board. Don't have magazines?

make it digital! I made on on Canva. You can download the app on your phone!

* Make lists of things I need to do our want to do. Make sure cross them off so you have a since of gratification. This is one that I guilty of not doing. I really working towards following through with this in 2021. I constantly fill my mind with things I need/want to do and it only gives me more anxiety.

* Care for your mental health this year. 2020 was a hard one. If you need anyone to talk to reach out. You are worth it!

In 2021, I want to continue to make time for things that are important to me even when the pandemic ends. When this is over whenever this may be, I want to contin

ue to slow down, care for myself, play with my children and have wonderful conversations with my husband. Take time for you! You are the only you there is!

With Love,

Misty Walden

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