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How I sold over $10,000 my first year in business

Most people join Avon as a side hustle. Extra money for whatever that is in that very moment that made you look up Avon. Mine, was my kids. I listened to everyone around me that had knowledge of this business and soaked it up like a sponge! People would give me ideas like contact 20 people about your new business. I would contact 60! I had a 4 year old and 12 week old at home, working full time and pushing this business full force because I saw it's potential. I saw MY potential.

Passion, Hustle, Drive! That's what it takes! I stated participating in a local farmers market to meet new people and gain customers (I also enjoyed just having adult conversations away from the kids) I was also passing out books and business cards everywhere making sure to get contact info so I could follow up!

Now, remember that passion I talked about at the top you had when you were looking for a side hustle? Take that and run with it! Run and don't stop! You will fail at some things. Get up and go again, and again until you find what works!

So, you have a website for people to shop at? Great! What are you going to do with that? How are you going to get people there? All good questions! The Answer....Network! Get to know people! Now with our world the way it is there is no better time to get to know your neighbors, network online, get involved in facebook groups that interest you. (non avon groups) Build a Facebook business page!

Every top leader that I ever spoken with has always told me consistency and follow up are key! Put yourself in the customers shoes. What attracts you to something when you buy it? Is it something someone said, or suggested? Is it the way it is displayed or packaged? Think of ways you can attract people to your business using those skills.

Last year was my 5th year with Avon and it was even better! Read about new strategies Iv'e recently tried to lead to even bigger results. Click here to read!

Thinking about joining Avon? Having the right support makes all the difference! Click here to enroll for $0!


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