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From Mommin' to being in an Avon Book...

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I stated my journey with Avon in 2014, 12 weeks after my daughter was born and my son had just turned 4. I was work full time as a School Social Worker. I was full time mommin' Wifin' and workin'. I was BUSY!

I struggled with not being home with my daughter after going back to work. Within a week I called my friend (who I worked with at the school) and said: What do I need to do to make the most money in this business? From that point forward I was nonstop! I worked all day at my job, came home made dinner etc. and then put the babies to bed and away at work I went working on my business.

What did I do late at night you ask? We I was researching areas that needed an Avon lady at their farmers market. I was emailing and texting friends and family about my business and asking them to share it with others. You see... I had passion and drive! I NEEDED to be home with my kids. Trust me there were the naysayers and the doubters but that made me work harder. If you want to know how I sold $10,000 in my first year Click Here.

It was paying off! I was getting sales!! WHAT!!! Not only was I getting sales I signed a friend up on my team 3 hours after I signed up. I figured it will be fun to learn to do this business with a friend. 1 person turned to 7 and then it kept climbing. I remember my first leadership check was $12.57. I was SO excited! You are probably thinking $12??? What.... That was the last I saw of $12! If you would like to know how I sold $20,000 last year Click Here

Fast forward May 2016. I quit my job! What! yes!! At this point I had grown my customer base and my team to a size that I could take full time and grow even more. Now, I will be honest with you. I was not replacing my income 100% yet, but with the price of Daycare! Need I say more. Come on Momma's!

I was speaking at training events held by Avon whenever they came to my city. I have been on panel discussions on our main stage at our convention. I have flown to NYC to be apart of a panel of 4 reps to talk to Avon staff about our opinion on products! SAY WHAT!

Many awards for sales and leadership growth. One of my favorite memories was when my daughter and I were featured in the Avon book for Mother's Day.

I don't tell you all these things to brag or to show off. I am telling you these things because im a Woman, Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Parent just like you. I worked hard and with the amazing guidance of my mentors I was able succeed in my business. I cannot wait to see what my future holds in this amazing business!!

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