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Can we talk about the elephant in the room...

Can we talk real? I want to share with you how my business became my Brand during a pandemic. Listen, I've always been all in when it comes to my business. I'm one of those that uses all the products! I want to ensure people that I know the pros and cons to every product in my business and how it will work for them. You might be thinking, "it's sounds like it has always been your brand". Let me explain.

Mid March 2020 when this Pandemic hit my family was scheduled to leave the next day on a vacation for spring break. Within 3 days all of our travel was canceled for 2020. It was and still is such a confusing time. As a mother, I was trying to explain to my kids how we could be packing for a vacation and now we aren't's okay there is nothing to be scared about. How many things in the past 5 months have we reassured our kids on. Like going back to school, Halloween, Christmas and future vacations. They keep asking when? And How? What do we even say to that? My business has helped me by giving me the time with my children and allowing them to not have a worry in the world. The picture above was our "Art Class" in the spring. Super fun idea! Kept them busy for a good hour! YES!

Back to talking about my Brand. Mid March when this all hit my business became my brand as I didn't leave the house during the quarantine. My business is essential! We had everything we needed. I was able to order hand soap, dish soap, sanitizer, hand lotion, multi purpose wipes, laundry soap and it doesn't stop there! I knew that my business could help so many others! I delivered to customers that had compromised heath to ensure they had supplies they needed to stay safe and healthy. It also gave me an opportunity to be neighborly to see if they needed anything else. It has allowed me to meet new friends that joined the business team almost immediately asking how are they doing and if they needed anything like they lived next door but they could be across the country. If you would like to read how I started my business Click Here.

Since then, Im thankful for my brand and the continued growth in my business. As a mother during this time everything is so uncertain. I hope that I am teaching my children perseverance and determination to get through these time together. I hope they look back on this time and how we made our lives simpler, spent quality time together and grew as a family and a brand that we stand for. If you have ever thought about making a business a brand having the right support makes all the difference! Click here to enroll for $0!

-Misty Walden

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